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Be inspired by the stories of others

In this section, we have collected some of the most interesting and original TVB jewellery designed by our customers.

The photos show how our jewellery can be customised - let yourself be inspired!

New Poets Endless Love Gift for anniversary Sporting Event Children A new love is born Treating yourself to a jewel Mmen Wedding Anniversary First Communion Baptism Confirmation A Precious Christmas Mother's Day Father's Day a special Valentine's Day Present for a friend

Endless love

When you love someone, you feel the need to tell them all the time, every day. That’s what Lorenzo thought, when he chose the most precious ring of the TVB line as a present for his wife for their 10th anniversary, complete with an engraving which shows his ever growing love for her. 

Little Poets

Release the poet within you! With TVB you can design your own jewellery, with quotes of famous people or lines you came up with yourself. 

A date to remember

Jewellery can speak without words: like Chiara’s silver necklace, which she personalized with the date on which she met the love of her life, and which she decorated with diamonds between the day, month and year. Celebrate the date of your wedding, engagement or another important date in your life with a bracelet or a necklace made of silver or gold! 


Many children prefer the bears or the frogs, but Cristina has chosen a TVB bracelet in the shape of a little ghost as a gift for her communion! For less courageous children, you can choose from many other forms to be customized with text, symbols and diamonds, making a TVB bracelet or necklace the perfect gift for baptisms, communions, confirmations or other occasions!

A precious beginning

Gianluca started in the right way: when he realized that he was in love with Silvia, he wasted no time and gave her a TVB gold necklace complete with a diamond to show her his feelings!  Personalized with the initials of the couple and the date on which they got engaged and embellished with a diamond, this necklace is just one example of what you can achieve with TVB jewellery!

Who says blue is the colour for boys?

That’s what Matilda’s aunt and uncle thought when they decided to give the small girl a yellow gold necklace personalized with her name, a blue chain and turquoise beads to match her blue eyes! Choose from the various forms of pendant, gold colours and the type of chain and create your own unconventional jewellery with TVB!

World Champions!

Sometimes a piece of jewellery is the best way to celebrate a sporting success, no matter if it is your own or that of your favourite football team! That’s what Thomas must have thought when he ordered his TVB silver ring with an engraving of words and symbols that clearly celebrate his passion for football (and maybe it's also a good luck charm for the next World Cup?) Create your own TVB necklace to celebrate a sporting event!

Men like jewellery too!

... but only if it’s special! Like that Frank got, a silver and brown waxed cord engraved with his name and the symbols of his two sporting passions!  Order a bracelet, necklace or ring for someone else or treat yourself!

Fortune favours the brave

Good fortune comes to those who are bold. Giulio decided to engrave this motto on his 18kt yellow gold TVB ring with a black diamond so that he would never forget that in life (and love) you have to be courageous! While the meaning of the symbols he chose isn’t obvious to us, it is nice to see how he decided to personalize his ring with his own ideas, which clearly meant something to him!

A day to remember

Somedays are boring and nothing special, while others remain memorable in the life of a person and of a couple! What better way to commemorate them than by inscribing the date on a piece of jewellery, in this case a necklace with a colourful cotton cord, to be worn every day!

Take it easy!

The most difficult job in the world? Being a parent, of course! Especially if you have to combine family, work, passions and other things ... then you run the risk of taking things too seriously and forgetting that life is more beautiful when you are able to take it lightly! So Anna has decided to give her husband this silver necklace with a waxed cord to remind him that sometimes it's best to take a break!

The early bird catches the worm!

Wake up! Who knows how many times Alessia shouted this at her daughter Elisa, who (like all teenagers) often finds it difficult to get out of bed in the morning (especially when she has to go to school). Perhaps that is why Alessia decided to give her a silver TVB necklace with this sentence engraved on it. Elisa has been wearing it since that day – and she wakes up on time now...

A cat as a friend

In many cases, dogs and cats hold top positions in the family hierarchy. Julia therefore decided to openly declare her love for her cat, Cloud, by making a bracelet in 18k gold with diamonds and a personalized engraving ​​using letters and very special symbols!