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The font makes the difference!

Choose the font that works best with the message you want to engrave on your from our 3 different types.

Artlinea TVB - Personalizza i Gioielli. Il Carattere fa la differenza

More than words

Sometimes it's not necessary to say a lot: all our TVB jewellery can be customised with more than 200 symbols to communicate your thoughts, passions and sentiments!

Artlinea TVB - Personalizza Gioielli Anelli Collane Bracciali. Non solo parole

... Forever!

All the rings from our Forever collection are also meant to be wedding bands

With dedications, symbols and diamonds or simply the way they are: say yes forever!

Artlinea TVB - Linea Forever - Personalizza anelli, fedi in argento, oro, diamanti

Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Do you want unique and precious jewellery? Customise your , adding one or more white or black diamonds wherever you want, with or without engraving letters or symbols!

Artlinea TVB Forever - Un Diamante per sempre

A name is not everything

Artlinea TVB is reinventing classic jewellery with names, giving you the possibilities to write whatever you want on your necklace or bracelet. Use the exclusive symbols or precious stones to add style and uniqueness!

Artlinea TVB - Collane con Nome, Collane con Data

Small... but with a big personality!

To celebrate a new arrival or to dedicate a small thought to a loved one: with TVB, you can create unique jewellery full of personality for every occasion!

Artlinea TvB - Ciondoli con Incisioni Collane con Incisioni

You can find the whole Artlinea catalogue on our main site:

Gioielli preziosi con diamanti, fedi nuziali vere gemme di qualità per momenti indimenticabili

You can find our collection of wedding bands on

La nuova collezione di fedi Artlinea, classiche, moderne ed eternity, impreziosite da diamanti